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The VB Guru's Resume

The VB Guru is looking for new digs, If you would like to contact me for an interview, please email me @ khenderson@sprint.ca.

I am currently living in Ontario Canada and am looking for a contract or Full time employment in the Greater Toronto Area, but I would consider moving to some where warm, these Canadian Winters are killing me :) . If you are an Interested American company, I can not Come down on the NAFTA visa, it must be an H1B visa.


Kevin J. Henderson MCP


To work full time or contract for, a growing and progressive firm, as a Senior Software Developer and/or Team Leader.

Skill Set Highlight

bullet Visual Basic 6
bullet MS SQL 6.5, 7, 2000
bullet XML
bullet OLE DB & ODBC
bullet ADO 2.x
bullet Team leadership and mentoring
bullet COM
bullet DCOM
bullet MTS
bullet COM+
bullet ActiveX
bullet CDO



4/00 – 11/01   Angus Systems Group.             Toronto, Ontario

Senior Application Developer/VB Team Leader

§         Headed up converting VB Master Control application and the VB scripts, to a full NT service.  This was accomplished using VB and the Microsoft NT Service OCX.

§         Headed up development conversion of, 2 tier, Win 32 Application, to a 3 tier, COM+, Web based, ASP application.  The Application consists of:

§      2 Business Layer COM+ DLLs.

§      1 Data Access COM+ DLL with 13 classes.

§      20 supporting COM/COM+ DLL’s.

§      1 VB Master Control application for polling a SQL database. The Master control application has 1 ActiveX EXE, for multi-threading; custom Active X controls.

§     Multiple clients ASP sites that use the COM+ DLL’s.

§     VB scripts installed in Exchange

§         VB/COM+ Team leader to 4 developers.

§         I am the lead developer for all COM+ middle tier development.

§         Worked on all aspects of release for versions 1 to version 2.x

§         Decision maker for all technologies concerning Microsoft and COM+.

§         Wrote all documentation for systems administrators to deploy and trouble shoot the system.

§         Wrote all system analysis proposals using Microsoft Visio, UML and flow charts.

§         Created all API documentation for the other developers.

§         Highlights

§  COM+

§  Visual Basic 6

§  SQL 7 and SQL 2000

§  Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000

§ CDO Sys for Windows 2000

§  UML

§  Visio

§  IIS 5

§  Windows 2000

§ Started testing Windows XP

§  ADO 2.5 & 2.6

§  XML streaming and recordsets


1/00 – 4/00   Filbitron Inc.                                   Markham, Ontario

Senior Developer, Research & Development

§         Heading up research and development, of porting an existing, Win32, pen computer based, Sales Force Automation application, to the Windows CE operating system, using VBCE, in the CE Toolkit for VB6 environment.

§         Working with Microsoft on the beta program for the soon to be released Visual Studio CE for CE version 2.12 and 3.0

§         Heading up design to move network from a Unix based mainframe to a Windows 2000 system.

§         Heading up research and development of implementing a SQL 7 based reporting system for existing Sales Force Automation system.


3/99 – 6/99   Software Spectrum Canada               Mississauga, Ontario

Star Senior Consultant

§         Consult with clients on Application Solutions.

§         Research & Development on technologies for client solutions.

§         Create prototypes and full system analysis documentation for client solutions using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, Microsoft ADO 2.0, Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0, Microsoft SQL 7.0 and Beta versions of Microsoft Office 2000.


8/97 – 3/99   Sales & Merchandising Group, Development Studio   Mississauga, Ontario

Start: Systems Developer / System Analyst

9/98: Promoted to Lead Systems Developer

§         Design, develop, test and implement, applications based on user requirements.  Requirements were as little as a telephone call, or as detailed as user interviews and full model designs.

§         Maintained existing, and created additional, IVR systems for various clients.

§         Designed and developed 3 tier IVR system – Tier 1) Master Control program that allocates phone lines and launches instances of Main IVR program.  The Master Control Program constantly checks for telephone line errors and corrects as necessary. Tier 2) The Main IVR program is a Multi-threaded out-of-proc EXE that does initial call processing and loads call handlers as required by client options. Tier 3) Call Handlers are in-proc DLL’s that are loaded depending on client options.  This system allows multiple clients to call the same IVR number, which spreads the load across multiple lines.  The same application answers the call but dynamically loads and unloads features as needed.  This system is working example of the Dynamic Black Box described below.

§         Designed and coded ActiveX Control’s, ActiveX EXE’s, ActiveX DLL’s and Standard Applications, using Visual Basic 5 and Visual Basic 6.

§         Co-designed development strategy to take existing three tier system to a unique, Dynamic Black Box. Wrote a technical white paper explaining the system and built “proof of concept” prototypes.

§         Designed and developed utilities built to run as an unattended NT service.

§         Designed and developed utilities to run with MAPI, Microsoft Exchange 5 and Outlook 98.

§         Designed and developed IVR Administration program that allows users from anywhere in North America to add, modify and delete call report question prompts.  Wrote complete, supporting documentation and headed the user training programs.

§         Designed and developed Visual Basic Add-IN’s that are used by fellow departmental developers.

§         Addresser – This application keeps a central repository of all base addresses for in-proc DLL’s and ActiveX controls.  If a new COM object or control requires an address, this application will generate it, then verify it is unique within the repository, if so, it will allocate it to the new object if not it will generate a new one.

§         DOC-U-Mentor – This application takes the VB IDE to the limit.  At the touch of a button, it allows a developer to create a new sub or function, declare it as public or private.  Add or delete parameters and declare return types.  The application will then create the sub or function and create a complete sub or function header and synopsis.

§         Designed new IVR system that will use DCOM via Microsoft Transaction server, ADO 2.0 and Visual Basic 6.0.

§         Lead consultant for developers and helpdesk personnel migrating Web based call reporting system to DCOM via Microsoft Transaction server and Interdev 6.0

§         Designed and developed migration plan for mission critical applications to DCOM via Microsoft Transaction server, ADO 2.0 and Visual Basic 6.0.

§         Conduct technical interviews for new developers.

§         Train new developers on COM, DCOM and company data structures.

§         Co-designed, co-implemented and co-maintained department Intranet.

§         Developed company wide coding standards.

§         Internet research.

§         Data modeling using Erwin ERX.

§         Class modeling using Microsoft Visual Modeler.

§         Helped to maintain Development, NT 4 server network, which included, PDC, BDC, Proxy server, Exchange server, RAS server, Print servers, Test domain, Fax servers and Source Safe server.

§         Recommended and purchased new software and hardware.

§         Worked with Visual Source Safe 5.0 and 6.0.

§         Worked with Microsoft Sequel Server 6.5.

§         Worked with M/S Access 95 and 97.

§         Worked with Artisoft’s Visual Voice 3.0,4.0 and 4.1

§         Fully experienced in installing and trouble shooting Dialogic voice boards.

§         Highlights

§         Visual Basic 5 & 6

§         ActiveX – EXE’s, DLL’s, Controls

§         SQL Server 6.5

§         Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0

§         ADO 2.0

§         IVR


2/96 – 7/97       Database Concepts Inc.                    Mississauga, Ontario

Software Developer / Network Administrator

§         Data modeling, for Relational Databases, using Erwin for Visual Basic.

§         Data modeling, for Relational Databases, using S-Designor for


§         Implement, test and debug, Data Entry Programs using Visual Basic 4.0

and Power Builder 5.0.

§         Create user manuals and all Internal/External documentation.

§         Train Data Entry staff on new programs.

§         Create help files using Word 97, Help Wizard and Paint Shop Pro.

§         Client data extractions using SQL and Access 97.

§         Design and code Laser Programs for ASCII output.

§         Design and code Internal Data Utilities.  For example

§     Name Case – Proper name case for data output, using exception tables and ODBC.

§     Address Split – Split single line address into multi lines, using lookup tables.

§     Accenter – Strip French accents from selected fields, and store in new field, for address correction and Duplication checks.

§         Create data reports using Crystal Reports.

§         Maintain NetWare 3.12 network.

§         Designed and implemented Windows NT 4.0 Network.

§     Designed and implemented network migration plan.

§     Upgraded all in-house PC’s to Windows 95.

§     Administered peer-to-peer network security.

§     Recommended new hardware upgrades.

§         Administered Windows NT 4.0 Network.

§         Influenced and recommended new software purchase.

§         Worked with Sybase Sequel Server.

§         Worked with M/S Access 95 and 97.

§         Created company WebPages using VB-CGI scripting.

§         Started training with Visual Basic 5.0.

§         Daily Backup.



9/95 – 1/96                    CDI College                          Mississauga, Ontario

Contract Instructor

§         Taught students the fundamental of

§     Visual Basic 3.0.

§     C for DOS.

§     C for Windows.

§     Masam.

§     dBase III+.

§     Network Administration.

§         Graded exam papers.

§         One on one exam review.

§         Helped Network Administrator rebuild network after complete system




9/90 – 10/94                  K & K Consulting                  Mississauga, Ontario


§         Consult Graphic Houses on hardware and software purchase for PC’s.

§         Design, code and debug Shareware programs using Microsoft Visual Basic 2 and 3.

§         Design, code and debug custom database applications Microsoft Visual Basic 2, 3 and Access 2.0.



8/87 – 8/90                    Public Storage Management Inc.

                                                                               Mississauga, Ontario

Office Manager

§         Take clients on a site inspection.

§         Sign leases.

§         Collections.

§         Daily bank deposits.

§         Train all new staff in the Greater Toronto Area.

§         Installed new computer systems in all offices in the GTA.

§         Trained all GTA Office Managers on new computer system.

§         Maintained company Help Desk for new computer system.



I am currently studying to become a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD).

Current Microsoft Certifications

§          Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

§     July 1998 – Exam 70-165 – Developing Applications With Microsoft Visual Basic 5.

§     November 1998 – Exam 70-175 – Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6

§     February 1999 – Exam 70-176 – Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

§         Microsoft Education

§     October 1998 – Course 1016: Mastering Enterprise Development Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

§     December 1998 – Course 1013: Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Development

§     April 1999 – Course 1017: Mastering Web Application Development Using Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.

§     August 1999 – Course 1298: Mastering Distributed Application Design and Development


94 – 95                         CDI College                          Mississauga, Ontario

Programmer / Systems Analyst Diploma

§         Intense, hands on, one on one instruction that included -

§     M/S Quick C, Borland Turbo C, programming in DOS.

§     Borland Turbo C programming in Windows.

§     Visual Basic 3.0.

§     MASAM.

§     Clipper.

§     Cobol.

§     M/S Quick Basic.

§     dBase III+.

§         In-depth study into -

§         Systems Analysis.

§     Accounting.

§     Relational database design.

§     Network Administration.

§     Technical writing.

§     Business applications.

§     User Manual writing.


8/95                              CDI College                          Mississauga, Ontario

Servicing PC’s  Certification

§         Intense, hands on, one on one instruction that included -

§     Diagnostic and repair.

§     Strip and rebuild.

§     CMOS setup.

§     IBM MCA.

§     Internal components.

§     O/S installation and configure.

§     Hardware / Software optimization.

§     Trouble shooting.

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