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VB Tutorials


I have assemble a list of Tutorials that will help you Master the Visual Basic Language.  Some of these are my own, others are from 3d parties, but you will find Tutorials for beginners to experts.  I will update these regularly, so check back often.


Target Developer

Tutorial Description & Link

Intermediate +

ActiveX EXE's

OK, just what the heck is an ActiveX EXE anyway?  How do I use them and more importantly, why would I want to use them?

If you have ever asked any or all of these questions, then this tutorial is for you.

Go To ActiveX EXE Tutorial


Intermediate +

UDL Files

An Easy way to connect to a database via ADO and UDL files.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on why, and how, to use UDL files to connect to a database.

Go To UDL Tutorial



Error Handling

This sample application demonstrates various Visual Basic error handling techniques, including examples of inline and centralized error handling. Includes full code. This tutorial is run on your machine.

Download Error Tutorial


The New Stuff in Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Tutorial

This seminar will introduce the features of Microsoft Office 2000 Developer through the creation and use of a single add-in. Along the way, you’ll create an add-in that allows you to select from a list of contacts, stored in an MSDE database, to either a Word document or to an Excel spreadsheet.

Go To VBA Tutorial


Intermediate to Expert

Free Microsoft Developer Training for Windows 2000

Microsoft has two new courses designed to teach solution developers how to take advantage of new technologies in Windows 2000. These courses cover topics that will help developers build solutions that are more manageable, more reliable, and reduce total cost of ownership.

In addition, these courses will help developers write applications that comply with the Application Specification for Windows 2000. This is a unique opportunity for developers to preview these Mastering courses online for free.

Building Solutions for Microsoft Windows 2000 with Visual Basic

Developers will learn how to build applications that integrate with Active Directory, improve manageability by using Group Policies, maintain user preferences and computer settings, respond appropriately to system events, and install/uninstall cleanly and correctly. The course concludes with an architectural overview of COM+.


Windows 2000 Visual Basic course in English


Windows 2000 Visual Basic course in German


Windows 2000 Visual Basic course in French


Windows 2000 Visual Basic course in Japanese


Intermediate to Expert

Binding Tutorial

Early Binding, Late Binding, Interfaces, Oh My!

The method you choose to bind to your external objects can make a huge difference on code size and execution speed. So check out this how to, for getting the fastest, most efficient code.

Go To Binding Tutorial



Are You Dividing Properly?

If your formulas are returning unexpected results, you may not be using the correct divide sign.  Read this quick tutorial on how to properly divide.

Go To Division Tutorial



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