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Upload Your VB Code


If you would like to upload code to our site, please fill out & submit the following form. 

Code may be submitted in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. If it is strictly code, and/or code with the compiled EXE that is under 100kb Zipped, fill out  and submit the form, then email me  the code.

  2. If it is only compiled code, or Commercial software, or code that is over 100kb and I can link to it from your page, fill out and submit the form, making sure you put the link path in the URL field.

  3. If it is a code snippet, fill out the form and paste the code in the "Code Snippet" Area.

Please provide the following contact information:

First Name
Last Name

Enter The Code Description

Choose one of the following categories:

If it is a code snippet, paste it here.

If it is a file, enter the file name below. Please zip all the files for the project and Email them to: knkconsulting@hotmail.com , Please put "Upload Code" in the subject line.
OR, you can just put the complete http://address if the file is located on your web site (preferred). 

Please Note: Because of some difficulties that Tripod is having, depending on where you came from to this page, the page was not working properly.  To temporarily correct this error, I have written some VBScript on the page to point this page to the correct URL, this means the page may flash and reload again. This also means if you do not have a browser that will run VBScript, the page may give you a "Page Not Found" .  After Pressing Submit, it may take any where from a second or up to a minute for the results to load, please be patient.



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