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I'm confused. Try making sense for once.
I'm probably missing something. I'll try to talk slow.
I'd be curious to see the results. I've seen this done a 1,000 times by better people than you and they failed.
What do you think your chances are?
I'm evaluating the technology now. I can't find a single redeeming facet.
Our customers My Uncle Friedrich
Fixing bugs Adding features
Working late Playing Quake
Dinner http://www.jonessoda.com/whoopass/index.html
Developer's conference Boondoggle
Marketing genius Joke [of the oxymoron type]
Coding guru Infantile ego
At a recent architects’ meeting At last night's poker game
Your name came up. We had a huge laugh at your expense.
He's perfect for that job. He's your problem now.
Good grasp of the big picture Can't code to save his life
A whiz with details Has no clue why anything happens
A thinker A danger
Management is starting to get a grip on the project. Do you have any openings over where you are?
We're doing leapfrog development. We will never ship.
<all lower caps> You're not even worth the shift key.
I've been head’s down. I was hoping you forgot I worked here.
The executive staff asked me to look into this. We can't find a single customer who wants this.
Marketing is all over this. We don't have an engineering solution.
Documentation is evaluating options. Resumes are out.
Testing refuses to sign off on the bits. Call manufacturing.
The API is very powerful. The API is impossible to use.
The API is very simple and straightforward. The API has never been used in a real-world scenario.
The API is oriented toward productivity. The API runs like a lame dog.
We decided to go strategic instead of tactical. We're shipping with lots of bugs.
We decided to go tactical instead of strategic. We're shipping without any real features.
We think we've hit the strategic and tactical goals. I am a liar.
We punted that feature to the next version. Your idea sucks.
imho wtf
imvho rotfl
Good luck! You're doomed.


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