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Windows XP, Code Named Whistler, the next version of Windows 2000 and Win9x, is now out on beta, so we had better get ready.  As I get news on the products, ship dates or any thing at all, I will post them here


May 2001:

Microsoft sends high-end Windows to testing

Microsoft is announcing that the high-end version of Windows XP is entering customer testing. The 64-bit version of Windows, which will tackle Sun and its Unixverse, is bundled with servers using Intel's Itanium processor. This clears the way for MS to ramp up its 64-bit applications, such as its SQL Server database, for testing.

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Feb 2001:

Windows To go 3D???

Possably, Read about it here

Nov 2000:

With its next Windows client, code-named Whistler, Microsoft at last moves to end the tyranny of mediocrity with which Windows 95, Windows 98 and now Millennium Edition have reigned. 

Starting with Whistler, Microsoft's consumer and professional Windows clients will descend from the Win dows NT code base, of which Windows 2000 is the most recent progeny. (Yes, Windows 2000 is Whistler's mother.) 

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Nov 2000:

Thanks to the Love Bug and Sweet Melissa, Microsoft will outfit Windows' successor, code-named Whistler, with a range of new security options, including one that will block any software without a valid digital signature. 

Microsoft says the new feature will extend to every piece of code executing on the machine. Some analysts are afraid Microsoft will have even more power over Windows software developers. 

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Nov 2000:

Participate in Windows Whistler beta testing, to test your new drivers and current Windows 2000 drivers and supporting software. Driver developers can sign up for the Windows Whistler DDK beta program 

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Oct 2000:

From Microsoft PressPass:

Microsoft Corp. today announced the first beta release of the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, code-named "Whistler." The beta 1 release will be distributed to key partners and customers, as well as to more than 200,000 software developers via MSDN, with the objective of gathering feedback and enabling compatibility testing.

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