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May 05, 2001 If you need to create a delay in your ASP/HTML page, client or Server, then this is the code for you.  Note, I have posted it as server code, but it can very easily be modified for client or HTML side.

Create A Delay In HTML Pages

May 01, 2001 Create Classes in ASP? That's right, I discovered this snippet of code by accident. I have searched the MSDN files, both from the latest CD and on-line; I could not find a reference to it any ware.  I have spoke to a few ASP developers and no one has heard of creating Classes in ASP!!!! I have created a small class with properties and a method to show you how to do it.

ASP Classes

April 25, 2001 Its primary purpose is to ensure accurate entries of the credit card number during transactions. 

Ensure Accurate Credit Card Numbers

Click Here To See The Code


April 25, 2001 Determines whether the day is Good Friday            

Check For Good Friday

Click Here To See The Code


April 20, 2001 Encryption made easy for ASP Pages
Feb 23, 2001 Find That Long Pathname


Oct 11,2000 A very cool 3d text. Test it!!!! :-)
July 12,2000 This is the alpha equivalent to IsNumeric. Returns a true if accepted characters are found while looping through the string. 
July 08,2000 Under Windows 2000 and Windows 98 their is a function called AnimateWindow. AnimateWindow lets you hide and show windows and specify an animation to occur as this happens.
July 08,2000 This function will clear the list of recent documents you see when you click the Start Button and then Documents.

June 25,2000 Read & Write to the Registry
June 25,2000 Deactivate the Screen Saver
June 25,2000 Scroll your program to the left on unload.
June 25,2000 A simple demonstration of saving/loading files with "get" and "put" commands. This program let you generate a number, then let you save/load it. The file it created cannot be read by other programs or notepad. you can save/load as many things as you want, just add more lines: put #1, , variable get #1, , variable

The Guru
June 07,2000
Find the First day in a Week
The Guru
June 07,2000
Find the Last day  in a Week
The Guru
June 05,2000
Posted from Microsoft Site
You can use the following small piece of code to detect the current screen resolution and then act on the information - for instance, by resizing form objects to suit the user's resolution.
The Guru
June 05,2000
To put a Animated GIF on your VB form, do the following: Place a web control on your form and insert this code.



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